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Iggy Pop, the Iguana Man

This was recently brought to our attention:

Iggy Pop is a survivor, a warrior of Rock music that we must be grateful for still being able to witness on his ongoing legendary career. Andy Warhol wrote once about Iggy Pop after meeting him in 1966 as Jim Osterberg at Ann Arbor Film Festival . “I don’t know why he hasn’t made it really big,” Warhol wrote. “He is so good.”

Mid-60s An-dee

Born James Newell Osterberg, Jr on April 21st 1947 in Musekon, Michigan and raised in a trailer park, “The Iguana” rose to fame during the 1970’s, but his career started in the 60’s as a drummer for several garage rock bands, including The Iguanas, from which he created his stage name Iggy. After attending a The Doors show in Detroit 1967, Iggy was mesmerized and intrigued by Jim Morrison on stage persona and in 1968 formed The Stooges heavily inspired by what he had witnessed at The Doors concert.

Read the whole thing over here.