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Iguana Stew Recipes for Warm Winter Evenings!

Remember that recipe for potted hare which began, “First catch your hare”?

Who wouldn’t be beguiled by the lovely instructions in a recipe that begin:

• Kill the iguana by cutting off its head!

• Open the belly lengthwise and remove all the entrails!

And this is just one iguana stew recipe popular in the Caribbean, where the simple, happy folk have plenty of time to experiment with the local gamemeat. This recipe from Uncommon Caribbean calls for one iguana, but, alas, the size is not specified. (At least two feet long, we should think.)

If you don’t have wild iguanas locally, you can order frozen iguana meat from one of the online exotic meat dealers.

Or, alternatively, you could substitute a large chicken or guinea fowl!

If you’d like a more exacting recipe more suitable to North American tastes, perhaps you should try this one, which involves whiskey and cocoanut milk!