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Two-foot Lizard Captured near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

A dog walker in Morpeth, England, found a lizard perched on a fence next to a road near the Widdrington Inn.

Sunita Samfryers, an official of the animal rescue group RSPCA, said the animal may have been abandoned. According to reports, there was cardboard box nearby, with some vegetables in it. Samfryers suggested the reptile may have been left at the side of the road and escaped the box on its own.

“Morpeth” the Iguana explores his new home

The local RSPCA nanny is hoping to find and arrest the former owner, if indeed this is an abandoned pet.

Fish may be at risk

“I am concerned that whoever had the iguana may have other pets like fish, and am worried about their ability to care for them,” Samfryers said.

“Very sadly, many people buy exotic pets without thinking through the responsibility first and with little or no idea of how difficult they are to care for, which as a result can lead to them being abandoned in a callous way like this.”

Bright future ahead

The lizard, which the RSPCA has nicknamed “Morpeth,” will remain in the local society pen for a month or two, after which it will be put down or donated to scientific experimentation or other useful purposes.

The Widdrington Inn is a popular country gastropub in the Tyneside area, about 6 miles (10 km) from Morpeth. It specializes in steak-and-ale pie, garlic-and-chive mash, and local game.

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