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Iguana Brings Cheer to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Last Hours

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is out of Memorial Sloan Kettering now and resting at home, but her days may be numbered. Rumors from her round-the-clock caregivers suggest that she is in extremely frail health and will not be walking the dog again anytime soon.

Marine iguanas.

However, joy has been brought into her life in the form of an animal companion. This is a brightly colored marine iguana that Ginsburg’s grandchild left many years ago on a visit, and which no one has succeeded in capturing.

No one, that is, except for Justice Ginsburg, in her motorized at-home hospital bed. She often keeps the iguana beside her, under the sheets.

The lizard, about four feet in length, is the ideal size to share an invalid’s bed. It has reportedly developed a taste for the green Jell-O that often accompanies Ginsburg meals.

Many golden-agers enjoy the comforting presence of cheerful iguanas.

The iguana bonded with the Justice a month ago, and since then they have been inseparable.

In the afternoon, when Justice Ginsburg sits in a recliner chair by the south-facing window and reads the newspaper, her iguana suns himself (or herself) on the windowsill.

Justice Ginsburg is 85. The iguana is about 12 or 13.

ADDENDUM Sept. 20, 2020: Justice Ginsburg has died at 87.