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Shooting Iguanas with Crossbows, and Roger Stone

In the crime-laden outback of South Florida, few outrages have been as gruesome as the murder of green iguanas with a crossbow.

According to a local news source in Broward County, a crossbow expert has been using the popular invasive species for target practice:

“It’s pretty sad, pretty sick. … You have to think that could be your cat, that could be your dog,” Drake said.

Crossbows themselves have a noble history in Western Culture. Henry V triumphed at Agincourt in 1415 largely through the skill of a hundred bowmen. And a few years later St. Joan of Arc won the Siege of Orleans with a frightening mix of hot coals, boiling oil, and a bevy of French crossbows at the parapets.

The Siege of Orleans

A crossbow can be as accurate as a rifle, at distances of a quarter-mile or less; as well as being quieter and easier to maintain.

The flame-haired Maid of Orleans was assisted by skilled crossbowmen in her battles.

South Florida resident Roger Stone is not known to own a crossbow, but his arrest by FBI thugs in the early hours of January 25th is a reminder of the sort of tyranny that the Maid of Orleans marched against.