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Pet Iguana Fallacies

It’s always a joy to peruse “myths and misconceptions” copy about the keeping of exotic animals. When I was a little girl (this admittedly was in another century) it was commonly believed that cavies, or guinea pigs, would have their eyes fall out if you held them upside down.

“Oh yes,” my dentist, Dr. Huff, assured me, “they fall out and you can never get them back in again!”

This of course was just before I got my first guinea pig.

The Green Iguana Society has a page that is particularly informative. Much of the advice is commonplace (don’t feed them meat, don’t keep them in 10-gallon aquaria), but the last two paragraphs are particularly useful and yummy:

Iguanas are stupid?! Many people think that iguanas are relatively stupid animals. In fact, they are very intelligent, considering the size of their brains. Iguanas can be toilet trained, learn tricks, and even find their way home when lost. These are only a few of the things that iguanas are capable of learning, and they reinforce the fact that they are not stupid animals.

Iguanas have no personality?! Every iguana is different and every one of them is different in its own unique way. Some are very personable, and most act differently when around their primary owner. Basically, once someone owns an iguana, it will be completely clear that iguanas are full of personality.

Whole thing here.