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Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, with Iguana

It’s a great enigma to me how Getty Images was formed out of the old Ian Hulton/Radio Times picture archive, and how they managed to commandeer every worthwhile news and PR photo of the 20th century.

Anyway, Elizabeth Taylor visited Richard Burton in Mexico while they were making The Night of the Iguana around 1964. Their relationship had begun during Cleopatra, as you may remember, and it was still adulterous, as their divorces hadn’t been finalized.¬†Someone must have realized there was no actual publicity shot of Burton with an iguana, hence the above photo. And this similar one (no Getty watermark!).

Here’s also one with director John Huston. You can imagine the dialogue:

“How much are you worth, Mr. Huston? Five million iguanas? Ten million?”

“Oh, my, yes.”