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Iguana Fights Never End

For some reason, this smartphone capture of two males fighting, in a Starbucks parking lot in Florida, got a lot of following in England.

I don’t know what the story is here. I see both animals have dewlaps, so assumed it was two guys squaring off, as in the OK Corral. (A woman comments in the background that it’s a mating ritual. Umm—not quite!)

Afterwards they’ll probably have a few drinks together and shoot some pool down at the saloon.

This is just normal behavior. But people read all sorts of weird sociological subtexts to it. Like the iguanas are illegal aliens (which they are, in fact; these are escaped pets or their offspring). There is a small member of the iguana tribe native to Florida, but that is the anole, or “American chameleon,” the lizard you could buy for seventy-nine cents at Woolworth’s when I was a babe.