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The Iguana that Stole Christmas

In equatorial climes, where it is July all year ’round, a bit of Christmas cheer is always welcome. That is why the Galapagos Islands have a bright, multicolored lizard they call the Christmas Iguana.

There are no native inhabitants in the Galapagos, but it is a favored Yuletide destination for families with small children. Christmas is very special indeed. Instead of Santa Claus, a “giant iguana” brings gifts to the kiddies.

Dr. Seuss’s Grinch may actually be based upon the Christmas Iguana.

This is actually a human being in an iguana suit. You may find him in the Duty-Free Arcade of the Galapagos International Airport during the Christmas season. He is an official of the Galapagos Chamber of Commerce, and invites visiting children to sit on his knee.

Most of the kiddies are too terrified to do so; however, the brave ones are assured of their hearts’ desire under the Christmas tree!