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Woman Buys “Retarded” Iguana, Sues Pet Shop

“Buy-back is not our policy,” says pet store manager.


A woman in Julian, California has sued an Arizona pet shop, claiming that the pet iguana it sold her was “retarded.”

“I could see something was wrong as soon as I got it home,” said 83-year-old Rosetta McGloyne, who has lived in this mountain community all her life. The animal’s eyes were spinning around, and it refused to do any of the lizard tricks Mrs. McGloyne had watched on YouTube.

SuperPets of Yuma, Arizona says it sold the $29.00 animal with no guarantee, and claims Mrs. McGloyne should have learned a little more about lizards before buying the reptile.

“We never said it was a trick iguana,” said Moe DeChiese, manager of SuperPets. “We never said it was an iguana at all. She bought it out of our Generic Lizard tank.”

When asked if he had offered to buy back the lizard, Mr. DeChiese said no. “Buy-back is not the policy of SuperPets.”

Mrs. McGloyne has filed suit for $100,000 against SuperPets for “mental cruelty.”

Healthy iguanas have an alert disposition.