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Should Taylor Swift Get a Pet Iguana?

Taylor Swift kehrt in ihr Apartment in Tribeca zurück July 18, 2014.

Taylor’s weird cats, Olivia and Meredith, may soon be joined by a green lizard friend, if fans have their way!

Everyone knows there’s something bizarre and reptilian about Taylor Swift’s Scottish fold cats. Particularly Olivia, the white one that performs mind-boggling yoga asanas and stands on its hind legs (like a T-Rex!).

They’re not your everyday alley cats at all. They come from an expensive breeder in Brooklyn, and probably represent a distinct cat subspecies!

Which has many Taylorstans wondering: why not an iguana? Not a baby iguana, which Meredith and Olivia would probably kill and eat, but maybe a two-year-old one, about three feet long, big enough to defend itself and romp and play with the kitties.

We know those weird cats would love to have an iguana friend. So how’s about it, Taylor?